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Michael Pearn
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Resilience Building Workshops

Resilience is the ability to stay positive and effective in difficult or challenging times while remaining optimistic about the future. We cannot change the world as we find it but we can change how we think and act in relation to it. 
The workshops vary in length from one half to two days (usually with a three month gap between Parts One and Two).
It is a whole person approach rather than just focussing on the person at work or in a work role. It is not a system or package. Each person decides what works best for them, and focuses on practical tools that will meet their needs in buiding resilience.

Building Resilience Video

Courage, Compassion and Resilience Video


Personal Resilience Coaching

 This can be provided on a one-to one basis for senior people whose time is at a premium or as part of a team transformation process.

Wellbeing Audits

Organizational wellbeing audits are run using the validated ASSET tool developed and published by RobertsonCooper.

ASSET is an online assessment tool that can be customized to the client’s needs. It measures the six essentials that underlie organizational wellbeing.

ASSET has been used in a variety of organizations ranging from manufacturers, financial services, health providers, police forces and government departments. 

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