Michael Pearn
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Michael Pearn
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Transforming Leaders and Teams

A major part of our work focuses on helping leadership teams transform themselves from struggling in difficult or challenging times to thriving while sustaining peak performance without burning themselves or others out in the process.

Once the leadership team has begun to transform itself it can start transforming the rest of the organization.

Building individual and team resilience is a key component of the transformation process that is delivered primarily through facilitated workshops coupled with individual assessments and coaching over a period of three to six months, sometimes longer.

Coaching and Mentoring

Pearn Consulting provides one-on-one coaching on a standalone basis or as an integrated part of a leadership team transformation process. Invariably, objective assesssments of strengths and development needs are used as part of the dialog to identify coaching objectives.  

Sequioa Transitions (new website coming soon)

This is a new venture designed to meet the needs of people retiring today. Traditionally, retirement planning has focused primarily on financial security, paying little attention on how to sustain longterm happiness and psychological well-being. With the expectation of healthy and actve life for twenty or so years after retiring careful tought and planning is needed to transition successfully to a meaningful and engaged life in retirement.

Our mission is to empower today’s retirees to rethink retirement and create a life after retiring that is meaningful, joyful, healthy and secure.

We do this by working closely with key orgnaizations such as professional associations, alumni groups, community and religious groups and others to design a program that supports and enables their members to make successful transitions into meaningful and productive lives after retiring.

We provide online webinars and virtual support groups.

We collaborate with employers to design in-house programs for employees approaching retirement.

The focus is on ensuring that this phase of life (sometimes called the longevity dividend) is one of growth, opportunity and meaningful engagement and not one of frustration or disappointment.



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